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Improved Performance & Economy

We have over 30 years experience maintaining, repairing and detailing boats on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast marinas and moorings are no different to those everywhere else. Berth your boat in the Pacific waters and marine algae will make a beeline for your hull.

This is not something you can easily dismiss. The slimy film of living material will not magically slide off the faster your boat goes. Instead it creates drag, shaving up to 5 knots off a powerboat’s speed. Your fuel bill will be impacted too—increasing by as much as 30%.

Antifouling is what you need. At Finishline Paint, it’s our anti-fouling expertise Gold Coast boat owners regularly call about.

We have more than a little experience in antifouling. We can quickly inspect your hull and give the honest appraisal you’re looking for. Some boats will need antifouling. Some will not.

If your boat lives in the water, it will probably need antifoul treatment once a year. If its home is on dry land, washing down routinely will save it from needing antifouling as regularly.

When no antifouling has not been done for a few years, it will need more serious antifouling treatment. More on this shortly.

What Is In Antifoul Paint?

Our antifoul paint is no ordinary paint, not by any stretch. It contains copper and biocides—all scientifically formulated to protect against the growth of marine organisms.

It goes further than that. At Finishline Paint, we have different formulations of antifoul paint for different types of hull material. If your boat’s hull is built for planing, you’ll get a different antifoul to one that is non-planing. The type of water you sail in is another deciding factor for your antifoul treatment.

Generally, one coat of antifoul paint will do the job. It’s when a boat’s hull has been neglected for a few years that it can need extra elbow grease and two coats of antifoul.

Why The Professionals Do Antifoul Better

If you think you’re ready to tackle your own antifouling, you’re going to need some industrial strength protection for yourself and anyone else you rope in to help you. You’ll need gloves, protective eyewear in the form of goggles, overalls and breathing masks.

You’ll also need to eat your Weet-Bix… The underside of the hull is going to need to be stripped, bow to stern.

Then, simply mask off at the waterline and dust off the hull thoroughly and begin painting.

Wait. Are you crazy? The guys at Finishline Paint can do all this for you while you partake of a beverage or two.

After all, you got into boating to live the dream, not the nightmare of DIY anti-fouling.

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