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Precise and accurate fairing technique is key to an outstanding high gloss finish. Without the fairing process applied correctly a pristine finish is not achieved, so during this process it is crucial to carry forward these steps by experienced trained technicians.

Like they say… ‘it’s all in the prep work’

Antifouling Gold Coast

Antifouling is the process of protecting a boats hull from marine growth by applying a protective paint or similar substance to the bottom of your boat.


A controlled environment is achieved by our team using a specialised plastic film in conjunction with pvc piping to create a unique spraying chamber. This chamber allows our paint technicians to spray in all conditions regardless of ambient temperature and creates a barrier from wind rain dust and contamination. Extraction is installed to the plastic film and scaffolding along with air filtration system , we can also add heaters to control the climate to allow for faster drying times. 

Stuart Vimpani the master of airbrush

Airbrushing a marble effect on the gloss white walls we painted right before we lay down 3 coats of clear on the Mega Trimaran

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